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Essence Update

Essence update patch notes

Essence level up system:

  • Collect essence from dead players to level up!
  • Unlock whips and whip skins via leveling.

Phantoms remaining:

  • Improved feedback for phantoms remaining
  • Loading screen updated to display where phantoms died

Unlockable whips and whip skins:

Note to existing players: Whips are now unlocked via leveling rather than purchasing with keys. If you already own whips via the old system you won’t unlock anything for the first several levels. Skins start unlocking at level 22.

Steam friends:

  • Easily browse all temples attempted by your Steam friends
  • Steam friends appear as different colours
  • Add other people to this handy list via user codes

New Rooms:

  • A wide range of new rooms have been added.
  • Lots of moving platforms, rolling logs and open spaces

Quality of life improvements:

  • See how many relics have been claimed at each stage of a temple before committing to a certain path.
  • See what relics are duplicates before claiming one
  • Game will now correctly tell you when your phantom has been freed and your whip gets returned
Invasion Update

Hello adventurers!

Today, we’re delivering another update designed to make your exploration runs cooler and more challenging. We’re calling this one The Invasion Update, and it includes new enemies, new relics, more phantoms, and even more traps!

Based on community feedback we have restructured temples and made them all single-path. Rather than using a bunch of branching paths leading into the inferno, you will now start alongside all other players on Floor 1. We have also recreated Relic rooms in Ruins and Caverns. Relic Rooms can now contain multiple relics, but you may find yourself confronted with nothing more than a bag of sand if luckier looters beat you to the prize. The Inferno still has a single relic, and picking it up is the only way to free the phantoms and seal the temple forever.

The Invasion Update also includes new Homing Bomb enemies who will chase you down and explode on impact, and Defenders who will be the end of everyone who comes too close. New Floating Mines and Dart mines will provide yet another explosive moment to your grand adventure.

As an added bonus, Phantom Abyss is available at 25% off until September 27th.

We are dedicated to expanding Phantom Abyss even further throughout Early Access, so make sure to share your thoughts, feelings, and wishes with us in the comments and on the forums.

P.S. In case you missed it, check out episodes 1-3 of Ask the Abyss, our weekly community Q&A. If you have questions you'd like answered on the stream, don't hesitate to reach out via the official Phantom Abyss Discord server:

Full changelog:

Temple restructure:

  • Temples no longer converge in inferno. Everyone starts with you on floor 1.
  • Ruins and caverns relic rooms contain multiple relics.
  • A player claiming a relic will leave behind a sandbag.
  • Only claiming an inferno relic will now seal a temple.
  • Loading screen has been updated to reflect the restructure

New traps and enemies

  • New variations of spinning blades
  • Homing bombs
  • A new enemy type that will chase you down.
  • Defenders
  • A new enemy type that will lunge at you. Tethered by a short leash.
  • Floating mines
  • Tricky patterns to dodge and avoid.
  • Dart mines
  • Will explode when it senses someone or something into a barrage of darts
  • New sliding and bouncing sections


  • Improved performance with various traps and rooms. Further phantom improvements to come!
  • Some particularly difficult rooms will no longer spawn in the Ruins.
  • Updated the colours of some relics
  • Updated audio in rotating rooms
  • Fixed various issues in certain rooms
  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck in pits
Overturned Update

Hi all!

We've been working around the clock to deliver a brand new Overturned Update to Phantom Abyss. It delivers a bunch of new content, features, and fixes, as we prepare to further expand the game throughout Early Access.

Key new additions consist of 28 new trap-laden chambers, including treacherous rotating rooms that will turn your adventure upside down.

Other updates include fixes to network connection issues, back-end stability fixes, as well as new visual cues and upgrades to Trap doors, the Portal Screen, foliage, Relic Room doors, and much more.

To round everything up, Phantom Abyss is available at 25% off until Monday, August 30th at 10 AM Pacific. Tell your friends.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support. Things have been a bit hectic here as we've been focusing hard on fixing disconnection issues. Moving on we're looking forward to talking to the community more on actual features and changes that you want to see!

We've got a lot of exciting ideas to share, and we'd love to hear your ideas too.

What's new:

  • Adventurers can now explore 28 new rooms, including 7 new corridors and 21 new main rooms.
  • Turn your adventure upside down in brand new treacherous rotating rooms scattered throughout perilous Ruins, precarious Caverns, and petrifying Inferno.
  • Your Basic Whip received a Blessing, allowing you to keep the trusty tool by your side at the expense of others. Fear not, it will never be lost.
  • Brand new connection retry prompts will now come up if your network connection fails, so you can restore it and retry without losing your (surely) impeccable run.
  • Small trap doors now have a visual variation to show whether they are going to trigger on a timer or by proximity.
  • You can now use your user sharing IDs in the portal menu. This will allow you to retrieve all active dungeons from your friends, so you can enjoy them without having to use individual codes.
  • The Portal UI has been re-worked to be clearer and easier to use.

What's fixed:

  • Various back-end stability fixes
  • Caverns and Inferno had their post-processing updated. They look so good now!
  • Foliage for all packs was improved and occurs more frequently.
  • Orb-key doors and relic room door symbols look so much better now it's not even funny.
  • You know that issue where the dead-end doors would have remained in the Ruins skin in Caverns or Inferno? Well, they don't anymore. Instead, they look like big skull murals. You can't miss them.